Sunday, December 26, 2010

December Flowers

December Flower/Poinsettia
Its a good thing that the radio and television continuously always announce how many days left until Christmas. Because the weather during December here in the Philippines is just the same as it was in July and I'm always confused by the Christmas songs playing. Without really short days and cold weather it just doesn't seem quite right. 

I had never heard of Poinsettia, that striking showy plant native to Mexico that flowers this time of year, referred to as "December Flower" before. But Filipinos seem to only know it by this name. It's everywhere around here, growing out of doors as I've also never seen before. But then, here in the tropics in December, plenty of other flowers bloom as well!
Poinsettia 8ft. Tall

White & Red Poinsettia
Poinsettia 20ft. Tall
December brings dozens of other flowers into bloom as well, and here's just a small representation (all photos taken during this month of December)...

Unknown Flower
Orange Bouganvillia
White and Red Crown of Thorns
Unknown Swamp Flower
Yucca-Type Plant Blooming
Yellow Canna
Palm Seed Pods
Okay, this last one isn't a flower in bloom but I came across it and couldn't resist snapping it and adding it here since it's quite colorful and interesting. And for a finale, another photo without a December flower, but kids flying their kite upon the cement slab of the solar corn dryer in front of the house, complete with a layer of corn being dried.
Flying the new kite on the solar dryer

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  1. Cool! I know a Berkeley gardener who would go nuts over that 8 ft. poinsettia..


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