Tuesday, October 19, 2010


At 3 pm the skies finally filled up and a few drops of rain began to fall. Earlier the day had been calm and warm and I'd staked out another 90 hills for planting new banana suckers in the coming days. 3 is the usual quitting time for the field laborers, so they were going home now, without interruption to their day of field-prep from the rains either. This is the typical pattern for the wet season, nice days, cloud up and rain in the afternoon for awhile with hardly any wind.

But not so for Luzon Island up to the North, for this is typhoon season for them. As usual, typhoons will come onshore from the open waters of the Philippine Sea, then slam into that island while down here on Mindanao we hardly notice a thing; typhoons have never been known to visit this end of the Philippine Archipeligo. Super Typhoon Megi went through Northern Luzon over the past few days, killing ten and leaving untold numbers homeless.

CBS News

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